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Desi inquisitiveness is a complex phenomenon, ridden with emotional highs and lows,replete with dramatic twists and turns. Peskiness, curiosity and an unbound spirit of inquiry go a long way in trying to satiate this inquisitiveness.

Not that desis mean to be overly enthusiastic with their inquiries; it is just that their well-intentioned selves care so much for you , that the proverbial nose-poke into your business turns out to be as feeble as having a feisty festoon.

The inquisitiveness also happens to be selfless, with the inferred information and the carefully deduced conclusions shared amongst fellow pursuers of knowledge. The experienced experts throw in their own enlightened judgments into the mix and the purists apply a liberal dose of “Indian traditions” on top of those judgments.

In the factors that inform these conclusions; education, caste, achievements, job, salaray levels, relationship status and religion figure prominently. The connections drawn between these are bizarre yet probable; flippant,yet elaborate. Sample this : “How can someone who only has a bachelors degree, not be from a lower caste and have a white girlfriend, when they just got laid-off ?!!?”

If you are subjected to desi inquisitiveness, you are walking on a fine line between desi adulation and desi abhorrence and there is no real recipe to successfully negotiate through it. Conform or take a stance. In case you decide on the latter, don’t reveal it all at once in the interest of keeping everyone hooked. Desis like to play it like a video game – just enough challenge and just enough reward, at all times.

If all else fails, you can always huddle with other desis. On the other hand, if you want to kick-off your own career in the curiosity business, you just need find the flame within you and start bartering information.


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#2 Desi Crowds

Desis usually hang out at places where other desis hang out. This is not on purpose and its actually more than just happenstance. Most desis have similar ideas about how to spend a weekend: Visit Golden Gate with friends and family on a great SF weekend, Go to a desi movie or the most-authentic (if not close-by) Hindu temple or Devon street or that movieplex on Times Square.

Desis obviously encounter large desi crowds when they go to such places. But instead of happily getting along with other desis, they love asking one question again and again: “Where on earth these large crowds come from?”. Some extra-introspective desis delve deeper by asking follow-up questions like “Look how un-American some of these people behave on this ‘holy’ land of America! How unfair I stand in line with the same people for visas?”

Eventually, they move away from gaping at the crowds to some sort of popularity contest. They start thinking, “There is bound to be at least a few people I know. Why cant I find them?” and when they do find them, they end up justifying how they never belonged there and how they should have been doing that other fun thing they planned.

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